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    Welcome to Career Education for Erie's Public Schools. These pages are designed for career exploration for all grade levels to support students through identifying their strengths, interests, and values.  This valuable information will help prepare students today for a future career that has meaning and purpose.
    Lessons and resources have been provided here for teachers to help students explore different careers and what it takes for them to prepare for the career(s) that interest them.  Identifying students strengths, interests, and values while exploring  various career pathways and connecting them to the academics they take in school, is essential to preparing for a future as a skilled member of the work force.  Exploring is the first stage in charting their future and opportunities that interest them. Experiencing is the second way,  by talking with adults who work in specific fields of interest and making plans to visit a work site to see the career in action. The third step is making an educational plan and determining what it takes to prepare for that career.  
    These pages and the Career Cruising software will help you explore, experience and plan for future careers. Depending on grade level, these pages are divided into age-appropriate lessons and activities to help students discover many different career opportunities. With the addition of the Career Street web page the experiences for Erie's Public Schools can be extended into field trips and speaker series with local business leaders.