budget-finance Welcome to the Business and Finance Office of Erie's Public Schools

The Business and Finance Office supports the district's overall mission of teaching and learning by providing services that promote efficiency and effectiveness in the school system's financial affairs, operations and business. This department is responsible for providing sound fiscal management of district resources and counsel to the Superintendent and Board to ensure the maintenance of fiscal integrity, transparency, and financial resources.

You may reach the Business Office at 814.874.6040.
You may reach the Finance Office at 814.874.6135.
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Business Office Departments: 
Business Office
Chief Financial Officer Brian J. Polito, CPA874-6041 
Executive Assistant  Andrea Valerio Malone874-6040 
Controller  Dave Niemira 874-6044 
Finance Department   
Supervisor of Finance  Randy Pruchnicki874-6137 
Finance  Diana Marinelli874-6135 
Finance  Jessica Tarasovitch874-6136 
Payroll Department   
Payroll Manager  Susan Zimmerman874-6143 
Payroll  Jade Connors874-6142 
Payroll  Tammy Billotti874-6141 
Payroll  Jane Tell874-6142 
Purchasing Department   
Purchasing  Judy Brown874-6125 
Purchasing  Anita Brasington874-6126 
Accounts Payable  Connie Minadeo874-6130 
Accounts Payable  Kristen Nicolia874-6131