PA School Performance Profiles
NOTE: The PSSA, administered in grades 3 through 8 in English Language Arts and Mathematics, was fully aligned to the more rigorous PA Core Standards for the first time in 2015. As a result, PSSA results for 2015 were not used to recalculate School Performance Profiles for elementary and middle school buildings during the last school year. Only schools with an 11th grade configuration were subject to a new SPP calculation for 2014-15. 

The Pennsylvania School Performance Profile offers a web-based resource for schools to communicate performance results to various constituencies and assists districts and schools in aligning and focusing resources for continuous improvement.

This PA School Performance Profile also serves several other purposes:

  • Provides a building level academic score for educators as part of the Educator Effectiveness System
  • Provides information used in determining federal accountability status for Title I schools as required by the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  • Informs the public of the academic performance measures of each school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter and charter school in Pennsylvania
  • Provides resources to support schools as they seek to improve academic performance
Please take this opportunity to learn more about our schools:

Central Career & Technical School
Diehl School
East High School
Edison Elementary School
Emerson-Gridley Elementary School
Grover Cleveland Elementary School
Harding School
Jefferson Elementary School
JoAnna Connell School
Lincoln Elementary School
McKinley Elementary School
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy
Perry Elementary School
Pfeiffer-Burleigh School
Roosevelt Middle School
Strong Vincent High School
Wayne School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School