• Erie's Public Schools' Department of Educational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion aims to strengthen and improve our district by focusing on diversifying the district instructional staff, ensuring that all students have the necessary resources and support they need to succeed and ensuring that all students feel safe, welcome and accepted.  
    Areas of focus:
    • Achievement Gap
    • Field and Student Teacher Placements (Counseling, Teaching, Nursing, and School Psychology Departments) from Local Universities
    • Urban Institute- New Teacher Induction Program (1-3 year teachers)
    • Teacher Diversity Search and Recruitment
    • CORE- Behrend Campus, Penn State University
      • Mentoring
      • Positive Youth Development - 40 Asset Model
    • School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (SWPBIS)
    • Student Assistance Program (SAP- Student support aspect)
    • Equity/Title IX Officer
    • PA School Climate Survey 
    • Peer Mentoring
    More information on Equity and Inclusion is available through the Pennsylvania Department of Education here.
    Coordinator of Educational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Erie's Public Schools
    Ken Nickson, Jr.
    (814) 874-6033