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    What is BoardDocs?
    The Board of School Directors is now using BoardDocs, a web-based delivery system of Board documents and agenda items.  Erie School Board meeting agendas, attachments, and minutes can now be accessed from the district’s website (www.eriesd.org) under the heading Board, click on "Public Access." Paper copies of the complete agenda will no longer be printed and provided at the meeting.

    Why make this change?
    This move to a web-based system has saved the district money by alleviating the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing and revising printed agenda items and policies. In addition, the media and the public will now have easier access and be able to search for minutes and other information. This move takes the district's board governance to a new level of transparency and efficiency.

    How do I access BoardDocs?
    BoardDocs can be accessed in four easy steps:

    1. Visit the district's website at www.eriesd.org
    2. Click on "School Board"
    3. Click on "Public Access" under the BoardDocs logo.
    4. Click on "Meetings" and select the meeting you're interested in reviewing.
  • Video Tutorial: BoardDocs