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    Erie's Public Schools Student Stairclimber Awards


    Erie's Public Schools strives to always celebrate the success of our students. As part of that initiative, the Stairclimber Award is presented monthly at regular School Board meetings (from October through May) to one student from each building, recognizing their tenacity, grit and perseverance toward making improvements in their ABC's -- Attendance, Behavior and Classroom Performance.

    The EPS Stairclimber Award, which stems from PA School Climate Data feedback and Strategic Plan Survey results, supports our district-wide movement of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS).



    Meet our November 2023 Stairclimbers!


    Hassan Al-Eisa, Jefferson's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, a family member, and Asst. Principal John Bayhurst.  

    Hassan Al-Eisa, Jefferson Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Hassan has made enormous gains over the last several months! He follows the classroom and school rules. He is a leader in the classroom. He is using his words when he needs help and raises his hand when he has a question. Hassan has so much to be proud of this year! We are all proud of Hassan!"


     King Bibbs, Connell's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members and Principal Causgrove.    

    King Bibbs, JoAnna Connell Elementary School, 5th grade

    "King arrives to school daily, making sure that his younger siblings get their morning started off right, showing much care and kindness towards them. King is an excellent model of all our SWPBIS expectations. King has shown a desire to learn, improve, and do his personal best in all academic tasks. King's actions and interactions with his peers are courteous and thoughtful. He conducts himself properly following all safety expectations. King, unprompted recently asked me, how he can improve his grades and become a better reader. His actions show an innate capability as he strives to succeed. King is an exceptional student." 


    Ja'Ryiah Green, Erie High's November Stairclimber, poses with her plaque, a family member, and Principal Don Orlando.

    Ja'Ryiah Green, Erie High School, 11th grade 

    "Ja'Riaya has had a great start to the school year. Her grades, attendance and behavior are all very good. Ja'Riaya is always positive and is a leader in the building. Ja'Riaya is respectful, responsible and resilient. We are very proud of Ja'Riaya."


     Pauly Harris, Lincoln's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members, and Principal Huffman.

    Pauly Harris, Lincoln Elementary School, 4th grade

    "Troy Robbins says, 'Progress equals happiness.' We see this quote in Pauly Harris every day this year when his amazing smile lights up our school. Pauly has made outstanding improvement in his behavior this year at Lincoln. He is also such a sweet big brother to his little sister. We are so proud of the positive character that Pauly is showing each day."


    A'zari Hemphill, Wilson's November Stairclimber, poses with her plaque, family members and Assistant Principal Wright.

    A'zari Hemphill, Wilson Middle School School, 7th grade

    "A'zari has started off the year on a very positive note. She has been helpful to students and staff in anyway possible in order to help Wilson. She has brought up her grades and attendance tremendously. We can't wait to see her keep it up!"


    Nathan Herrington, East Middle's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members, and Principal Matt Koval.

    Nathan Herrington, East Middle School, 7th grade

    "Nathan Herrington is a hard-working student. He comes to school every day ready to learn and to try this best. He is respectful to every student and staff member at East. He is always the first person willing to help out a friend or fellow classmate in need. Nathan has made great progress both academically and socially. We are so proud of everything Nathan has accomplished during his time here at East."


    Joseph Horomanski, Strong Vincent's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members and district staff.  

    Joseph Horomanski, Strong Vincent Middle School, 8th grade

    "When SV's STAIRCLIMBER - Joey Horomanski - enters the building in the morning...it's like a ray of sunshine coming through the doors. His boundless positivity is contagious. Joey's what we'd call a "FAN FAVORITE" amongst the Colonel family. He's made tremendous progress in all areas and words can't express how much we'll miss him next year. With great pride, we salute Joey Horomanski as this month's SV Stairclimber. With courage, he conquers."


    Shadrak Kakule. Grover Cleveland's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members and school staff.

    Shadrak Kakule, Grover Cleveland Elementary School, 4th grade 

    "Shadrak is a shining star in our school. He is eager to learn and enjoys participating in class. He has grown so much in the short 8 weeks that we have been in school. He consistently follows our 3 B's and is a positive role model to other students. Shadrak is also very responsible when it comes to his school work. He asks for help when needed, uses his time efficiently, and never fails to turn in assignments on time! We are so lucky to have Shadrak as a part of our school community!" 


    Chrisdenier Marrero Rivera, Diehl's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members and school staff.

    Chrisdenier Marrero Rivera, Diehl Elementary School, 5th grade

    "Diehl is proud to announce Chrisdenier Marrero Rivera as our Stairclimber.He is nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Powierza. At the beginning of the year he was extremely worried about his frustration and anger because he had a rough time in 4th grade managing his emotions. He learned to find ways to calm down, take a break and focus on his academics. Chrisdenier arrives every day ready to learn and always puts forth his best effort in all that he does. Chrisdenier demonstrates responsible and respectful behavior while always trying his best to demonstrate his eagle pride. Chrisdenier shows a strong desire to learn and it shows in his attention to his assignments and progress in 5th grade. We are so proud of you, Chrisdenier! Keep up all your hard work!"


    Raydence Poston, Harding's November Stairclimber, poses with her picture, family members and Assistant Principal Yonkers.  

    Raydence Poston, Harding Elementary School, 2nd grade 

    "Last year, Raydence had some struggles, but this year she has been doing so much better! She comes to school happy and tries her best to pay attention and do her work. She has learned to talk out her problems and come to her teacher when she is having an issue. She and her teacher work together and she has had a much better school year because of this. Her teacher, Kara McGrath, is especially proud of how Raydence acts in the classroom and the relationship they have built together. You make Harding proud, Raydence!"


    Jacob Sharpe, Pfeiffer-Burleigh's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque, family members and school staff.  

    Jacob Sharpe, Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, 5th grade 

    "Jacob has started his 5th grade year with positive behavior. He comes in every day with a positive attitude and a personal goal to have a good day. He follows all classroom expectations and gets along with peers. He recognizes when he is having strong emotions, which isn't often, and asks for a break. Jacob has come into 5th grade as a brand new student."


    Lhala Snyder, DiPaolo's November Stairclimber, poses with her picture, family members, and Principal Jill Crable.  

    Lhala Snyder, Patrick J. DiPaolo Student Success Center at Emerson-Gridley/EPS Cyber Choice Academy, 12th grade 

    "Now in her second year here in Credit Recovery at Emerson-Gridley, Lhala went through a short period of struggle last year but persevered and got herself back on track. Just this month, Lhala shared with me her early acceptance letter to Gannon University, demonstrating the tenacity, resilience, and responsibility she will need to succeed when she transitions from Recovery to Gannon."


    Carion Thompson, Eagle's Nest's November Stairclimber, poses with his plaque and family members.  

    Carion Thompson, Eagle's Nest Program of Academic Distinction, 6th grade 

    "Carion demonstrated great progress in his effort, participation, and academic achievement. He has shown himself to be trustworthy and demonstrates integrity even in the face of adversity."


    Liliana Van Cleve, Perry's November Stairclimber, poses with her plaque, family members and Principal Gunns.  

    Liliana Van Cleve, Perry Elementary School, 4th grade 

    "Lily is a great example of a positive and responsible student. Lily is very studious. She comes into school every day ready to work and learn. She is very respectful of her teachers and her classmates. She always puts her best foot forward and tries her best in every subject. She is always here at school ready to learn. She is kind and helpful in the classroom. We are very proud of Lilana for being a great Perry student!"


    Ayden Miller, Edison Elementary School, kindergarten (not pictured)

    "Ayden was one of the first students to come to mind for this recognition because of the significant progress he has displayed in his kindergarden classroom. He began the school year and was not too excited to be away from his family. He did not seem comfortable with his new surroundings, new teacher, or his new classmates. Fastforward to the end of the first quarter and Ayden has transformed into a wonderful friend in kindergarten! He is loved by many, he works hard at completing his best kindergarten work, he looks forward to coming to school and works very hard each day being kind to himself, others and his school. We are so proud of Ayden and his progress!"

    Namari Nelson, Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, 10th grade (not pictured)

    "Namari Nelson is a pivotal member of the Junior ROTC Corps and NWPA Collegiate Academy. She is a 10th-grade student and a second-year JROTC Cadet. She has volunteered to help during most school activities and events and participates in many community service projects outside of the classroom on her own.  In addition to her school work and all of the activities she is involved in, she is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. She is a great example of the school values of Pride, Honor, and Respect and she encourages all of her peers to act the same."

    Salmah Binti Mohammad Abdul Salam, McKinley Elementary School, 4th grade (not pictured)

    "Salmah Binti is Mrs. Miller's class. She is a hard worker, friendly and always offers to help other students. She tries her best in class. Since starting in her class, Salmah is starting to participate in classwork more. We are so proud of the progress that Salmah is making!"