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    Erie's Public Schools is embarking on a comprehensive 5-year strategic planning process to guide and improve our critical work of educating Erie’s students. The planning process will begin in February 2018 and will be completed by June 2018, in time for implementation during the 2018-2019 school year. Importantly, the strategic planning exercise offers the entire Erie community an opportunity to articulate our collective vision, goals, and roadmap for Erie’s Public Schools.  It is our way of mobilizing the diverse voices of Erie stakeholders around a unified direction for our school system.


    The district has contracted with Performance Fact, Inc., an organization with extensive experience in strategic planning and community engagement, to facilitate the strategic planning exercise over the next few months. You can learn more about the strategic planning process and the Performance Fact, Inc. model below.


    Click here for the 4-Lens Data Analysis Protocol™ document that serves as the basis for data-driven decision-making for the strategic plan.




    Strategic Planning Process

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