August 2023

    Head and shoulders portrait of Superintendent Brian J. Polito


    Dear EPS Families,


    I am always excited about the start of each school year, and this year is no different. Each new year represents the chance to build on the success of the year before it -- and we are well positioned to do just that.


    A year ago, we did what some thought impossible: Erie's Public Schools became the first school district in the Commonwealth to emerge successfully from financial watch status, a label the state gives to districts in financial turmoil. With your help, the help of our dedicated staff and community partners, and with support from the state, we have recovered from a decade-long financial crisis stronger than ever, financially and operationally, and our students are reaping the rewards.


    We have invested millions of dollars in long overdue curriculum upgrades, in student supports and safety, and in facility improvements, including the $72 million transformation of Erie High School. We will also soon break ground on the first new school construction in the district in 25 years: a new $34 million Edison Elementary School. I am proud to say that this investment in the students and families of Erie's east side will pay dividends for years to come. 


    As you may know, each of our elementary and middle schools is a United Way of Erie County Community School. Community schools are part of a model that aims to break down barriers to student success by brining services directly into schools and connecting families with vital resources, thereby helping to decrease absenteeism, address behavioral and health concerns, and improve academic success. I am thrilled that we, in partnership with United Way, will begin to implement the Community School model at Erie High School in 2024-2025, thanks to financial support from the Erie Community Foundation. This is just another example of how we are investing in our students, and in Erie High School in particular, in meaningful and concrete ways that have a proven track record of success.


    Our success doesn't happen without the support and partnership of you, our families. On behalf of the entire district, I remain deeply grateful that you have invested in Erie's Public Schools the responsibility of educating your children and helping them shape their future. Thank you for your trust. Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to my office at 874-6002.



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    Brian J. Polito, CPA
    Superintendent of Schools
    Erie's Public Schools
    148 W 21st Street
    Erie, Pennsylvania 16502
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