• Welcome to the Pupil Personnel Services Department

    The Erie School District assures that a free and appropriate public education is provided to all eligible students residing within the district.

    Programs for students in need of specially designed instruction; accommodations and/or modification to access curriculum and school related activities are made available to all eligible students.  We offer a continuum of services for students with disabilities that begins with full inclusion in the child’s home school and class to separate programs within other schools in which peers without disabilities would not participate. Special education services are provided to eligible students at no cost to parents to assist them in reaching their maximum learning potential. Students are identified as needing special education by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) that includes the parent.  If the MDT team determines that a student has a disability or meets the criteria for gifted ability and needs specially designed instruction, an IEP (Individual Education Plan) team meets to develop specially designed instruction and accommodations/modifications to access the curriculum and school related activities and/or provide enrichment or acceleration within the curriculum.

    Parents may request an evaluation if they feel that their child is in need of services.  Please refer to the Special Programs content at left for further information regarding services and programs.

    For more information, call 814-874-6050.

    Pupil Personnel Department:

    Director of Pupil Services 

    Angela Kownacki 


    Early Intervention Coordinator 

    Tracy Rigazzi 


    Special Education Supervisor 

    Brad Braggins


    Special Education Supervisor 

    Paul Causgrove 


    Special Education Supervisor 

    Kristina Bokulich 


    Special Education Supervisor 

    Linda Cappabianca 


    School Psychologist 

    Stephanie Kalivoda 


    School Psychologist 

    Cathy Davis 


    School Psychologist 

    Jennifer Hunt 


    School Psychologist 

    Barb Famageltto 


    School Psychologist 

    LuAnn Gatti 


    School Psychologist 

    Chris Marz