• Erie's Public Schools

    Erie's Public Schools serve the City of Erie in Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Erie is the state's fourth-largest city with an estimated population of 98,593. The school district enrollment is approximately 11,500 across 15 public schools. The City is the seat of government for Erie County with a total land area of 19.3 square miles.

    The district was organized in 1870, but its first school dates back to 1860.  From its initial enrollment of 3,700 students in 1870 to more than 11,500 students today, the District has provided high quality public education to City students.  By providing multiple educational opportunities in varying grade configurations (K-5, 6-8 and 9-12), the District is committed to creating an environment of high expectations, trust, collaboration and respect with the recognition that all students can learn.

    Continuous Improvement

    Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Brian J. Polito, CPA, has outlined an aggressive plan for the District’s future centered around three primary goals of continuously improving:

    • teaching & learning: cultivate a learning community which supports high levels of learning that will prepare students for higher education and career opportunities;
    • culture & climate: provide a safe and healthy learning and work environment that promotes responsible citizenship, self-discipline, collaboration, and mutual respect; and
    • organizational effectiveness: conduct all District operations in a manner that maximizes performance and minimizes costs.

    Mission Statement
    The Erie School District will create in its schools, and in its relationship with the Erie community, a culture of high expectations, collaboration, respect, and accountability.  We will actively engage students in their learning through a high quality curriculum and excellent teaching. Our primary purpose as an organization is to prepare our students to establish and achieve their higher education and career goals.