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    World Wants
    The Social Studies Curriculum Committees of Erie’s Public School recognize the diversity of our students.  We have students in our schools from over 25 countries, with language and cultural backgrounds that are equally diverse. We strive to harness our cultural diversity and engage all learners in preparation for higher education or the work force. This work is founded on the Pennsylvania Common Core and Content Standards. Additionally, the curriculum will align with the stated aim from the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS).

    “The aim of social studies is the promotion of civic competence—the knowledge, intellectual processes, and democratic dispositions required of students to be active and engaged participants in public life. By making civic competence a central aim, NCSS emphasizes the importance of educating students who are committed to the ideas and values of democracy. Civic competence rests on this commitment to democratic values, and requires that citizens have the ability to use their knowledge about their community, nation, and world; to apply inquiry processes; and to employ skills of data collection and analysis, collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving. Young people who are knowledgeable, skillful, and committed to democracy are necessary to sustaining and improving our democratic way of life, and participating as members of a global community.”