• Elementary Mathematics Grade 3 Introductory Unit

    Subject: Mathematics
    Grade: 3
    Timeline: 6 Days
    Unit Title: Introductory Unit

    Unit Overview: 
    This unit will give students the opportunity to review the Common Core skills taught in the second grade lessons.  The students will be able to demonstrate mastery of numbers and counting, place value, addition and subtraction strategies and applications, graphing, money, time, measurement and shapes.

    Unit Objectives:
    At the end of this unit, all students will be able to:
    • demonstrate mastery of numbers and counting
    • demonstrate mastery of place value
    • demonstrate mastery of addition and subtraction strategies and applications
    • demonstrate mastery of graphing, money, time, measurement and shapes.

    Focus Standards:
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.1.2.B.1 Use place value concepts to represent amounts of tens and ones and to compare three digit numbers. (2.NBT.1) 
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.1.2.B.2 Use place value concepts to read, write and skip count to 1000. (2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.3)
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.1.2.B.3 Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract within 1000. (2.NBT.8)
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.4.2.A.6 Extend the concepts of addition and subtraction to problems involving length. (2.MD.6) 
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.2.2.A.2 Use mental strategies to add and subtract within 20. (2.OA.1, 2.OA.2) 
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.2.2.A.3 Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication. (2.OA.3) 
    PA.CCSS.Math.Content.CC.2.4.2.A.4 Represent and interpret data using line plots, picture graphs, and bar graphs. (2.MD.9, 2.MD.10) 

    Mathematical Practice Standards:
    #1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
    #2 - Reason abstractly and quantitatively
    #4 - Model with mathematics
    #5 - Use appropriate tools strategically
    #6 - Attend to precision
    #7 - Look for and make use of structure
    #8 - Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

    Elements of Instruction:
    Students leaving a second grade Common Core Classroom have a deep knowledge of place value up to 1,000, can read, write and show numbers in expanded form, and understand that the three digits of a three digit number represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and one. They have a deep knowledge of addition and subtraction, and have used fact families, Fact Triangles, and games to help them learn addition and subtraction facts. Knowledge of these basic facts is vital to their success in the third grade classroom. They have fluency with subtraction within 100 using strategies. Second grade students can add and subtract two-digit numbers using various strategies. 

    Each lesson has differentiation options for each portion of the lesson. Additional differentiation options are listed with directions and student masters in the Teacher’s Guide.

    Interdisciplinary Connections:
    • None

    Additional Resources / Games:
    Students will play a variety of games that directly support the content of the lesson and the overall goals for the unit. Games for unit one include:  
    • Place Value
    • Coin Collection
    • Bump, Slide, Measure