• My classroom expectations are designed to maximize classroom time and allow the students and me to work as a team to learn mathematics.

    1)  Be on time and prepared for class.
    Students must be in the room when the bell rings. Students who are not in the room will be marked tardy. 
    Being prepared means having a 3-ring binder, pencil and assigned homework.
    2)   Be respectful of your classmates, your teacher, and class materials.
     I do not tolerate students being disrespectful to one another.  This behavior will result in a personal conference and phone call home or referral for continued disrespect.
    Respecting the teacher means paying attention and not talking when I am talking. Students will follow all directions and respond to correction in an appropriate manner.
    I provide many class materials for my students.  I expect that students will treat those materials, especially their calculators, in an appropriate manner.
    3)  Keep all electronics out of sight.
    Students are not permitted to use cell phones in my classroom.  Cell phones and head phones should be put away when they enter the room.  I will  follow the behavior continuum for seeing your cell phone or headphones. Students cannot pay attention and learn in my class if they are distracted by their cell phone.