I received from guidance from the district today and we're going to switch gears.  Please STOP working on Unit 7 and Unit 8- we will come back to them at the end of April.

    I have uploaded review lessons about data.  You have done all of this work in middle school.

    As always, let me know if you have any questions!





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  • I've changed all the due dates to April 14th, the day we are supposed to go back to school.  Please do not stress; these assignments are optional as not all students have access to a computer.

    However, if you are working on the assignments, please send me an email to let me know.  Thanks!

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  • I've also uploaded a series of vocabulary word searches.  These should help keep you busy.  Please, however, do not do these mindlessly.  Most of the words you should know.  If you don't, please google them.  You may want to keep a list of definitions.  Good luck- they are not easy!

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  • Some of you are having trouble with the Unit 7 problems.  I've uploaded a notes page to help you write all of the propeties as you do the Guided Notes.  This may help.

    Please disregard the due dates.  Those of you who are working, good for you!  Again, we will start with Chapter 7 when we return.

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  • Since we have been closed indefinitely, the previous announcement about the quarter ending is not valid.  Additionally, as I'm sure you've probably heard, the Keystone is cancelled.

    I will continue to post assignments.  They have notes at the top and practice problems on the bottom.  If necessary, I will continue to post more practice problems.  These assignments will not be graded.  We will begin with Chapter 7 when we return.

    I hope you are all doing well!  Go for a walk and think about Algebra if you start to go stir crazy!


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  • The 3rd quarter ends on April 3rd.  All make-up quizzes and tests must be completed by Tuesday, March 31st.

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