• Hello! My name is Jenna Maynard and I am an English Learner teacher. I have been teaching for 11 years, and I LOVE MY JOB! I live in Harbor Creek with my husband Jeff, daughters Joan and Daisy, and dog Izzie. 

     Mrs. Maynard


  • I believe in the growth mindset, which is a belief that EVERY student has the ability to learn. Neuroscientists have researched our brains and discovered that  when we work at something, our neurons in our brain make connections. The more we work at something, the stronger the connections become! 

    Students, if you understand this about your brain, then you can change the way you think about intelligence! Intelligence is not a stagnant trait. It is a malleable characteristic that, when worked on can become more active and "connected"! In this classroom, FAILURE is something to celebrate! When we fail, our brain learns. Failing challenges our brain to continue to make connections and get stronger.

    Brain At WORK

    Parents, WE ARE A TEAM! We both need to believe that learning is for EVERYONE, and that our students should not be afraid to fail! In fact, by failing, we actually SUCCEED! We learn and grow from the mistakes that we make. Think about when your child was learning how to walk. How many times did they fall? If we keep at it, we will get to where we want to be!