• Program Acceptance Policy


    Requirements: All programs are available to all Erie City School District high school students.  Interested students should have a drive, passion, and love for the selected program at Erie High School. Due to the nature of programming at Collegiate Academy, some requirements for the Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Collegiate Academy vary from the programs at Erie High School, see the application page for the Visual and Performing Arts Program.

    Choosing a Program:  Students interested in a program should apply prior to entering high school. In order to ensure all program requirements are met, students must apply to the Career & Technical program or other program of their choice prior to tenth grade

    Application: All students entering High Schools in Erie’s Public Schools should apply using the online application process, available on the school district website at www.eriesd.org.

    Capped Programs:  A few special programs or Career & Technical programs may have enrollment caps in order to meet programmatic needs. All efforts will be made to expand each program based on enrollment, however seats are not guaranteed. It is suggested to enroll in a program as soon as a student feels conformable in their magnet choice.




    Honors Program Acceptance Policy


    Requirements:  Honors Program students should demonstrate excellent reading, writing, critical thinking, and reasoning skills, along with a strong work ethic.  Students in this program should be strongly considering post-secondary education and be willing to take on an extra homework load, study longer hours, and complete more in-depth writing assignments than students pursuing a traditional academic pathway.  Although acceptance criteria have not been fully determined, they will be based upon the most recent core subject grades and test scores a student can provide. It is highly recommended that students applying into this program have proficient test scores and at least a B average.