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    Our Commitment to Students, Families and our Community:


    In Erie’s Public schools, we champion high levels of Student Engagement and Personalized Pathways to Educational Excellence for every student, without exception.


    Based on our belief in the inherent potential of all students, we challenge ourselves to reach the following six game-changing targets by 2024:


    • At least 90% of students achieving proficiency in Reading by the end of Grade 3
    • At least 90% of students achieving a 95% attendance rate
    • 100% of students in grades K-12 participating in a real-world community project
    • At least 70% of students in grades 3-8 achieving proficiency in Reading/Language Arts and at least 60% of students achieving proficiency in Math
    • Achieving proportionality in disciplinary practices by ensuring 50% reduction in behavior incidents involving black/African-American students
    • 100% of students obtaining a high school diploma and 0% of students dropping out of school


     To reach these targets, we have identified the following Professional Practices and Strategic Priorities for 2018-19:


    Four Pillars of Professional Practice

    Equitable Access to Standards-Aligned Instruction

    (“Teaching & Learning”)

    Safe Climate and Strong Relationships

    (“Schools Can’t Do It Alone”)

    Results-Focused Professional Learning

    (“Investing In People”)




    (“Managing the


    Strategic Priorities for 2018-19

     Improve our use of district-wide assessments


    Create a process for adoption of standards-aligned materials


    Enhance our process to accelerate learning

    Clarify policy/practice around behavior expectations


    Enhance student support services


    Improve family engagement/ communication

    Examine our bias


    Improve our teaching strategies/practices


    Enhance the effectiveness of ILT/PLC time

     Implement data summits


    Evaluate district-wide assessment systems