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    Erie's Public Schools

    Ø  Our purpose is to deliver high quality, user friendly, innovative, and exciting science materials to SDCE schools for use by all SDCE students.

    Ø  We believe that excellent science education should be provided equitably to all students. Therefore, we are committed to providing science modules to all schools that are complete and delivered on time.

    Ø  Our commitment extends to providing technical support for teachers to ensure the successful implementation of science modules in all classrooms. By supporting teachers with inquiry-based materials, they can enhance their science content knowledge.

    Ø  We are committed to a continuing improvement process. We will listen to feedback,critique our processes, and improve our work.

    Ø  Our goal is to support the SDCE in educating 100% of its students by ensuring that students are meeting and exceeding the science standards of Pennsylvania.


    Science Materials Center:

    Serves:  17 SDCE Schools

    Grades:  K-8; ES, ELL, LSS as well as HS Special Education

    Students:  10,000

    Educators:  400

    Distributions (SMC Staff and Service Center): 

                **K-6 and Special Education= 3 rotations Fall, Winter, Spring

                **7-8= 2 (semester) rotations

    Elementary K-6:

    Ø 29 Titles, 1160+ Kits, 2163+ Boxes, 52,000+Individual Inventory Components

    Ø Living Organisms: 18 different organisms ordered; all live materials collected by SMC

    Middle School 7-8:

    Ø 5 Titles, 75 Kits, 510 Boxes, 6,000+ Individual Inventory Components

    Ø Living Organisms: 16 different organisms ordered



    “We are all honored to use these things you brought us … ‘cause if you want to be scientist, this is a head start!”

    McKinley 4th grade student


    “I just had to write to tell you how great these kits are!  There is so much learning, inquiry, and investigation going on in my classroom. These kids absolutely love science!  The in-service … was so beneficial for me!  I had very little worries as I started the unit! “

    Grover Cleveland Teacher


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