• EEA Request Forms (Course Approval; Credit Reimbursement; Salary Reclassification)

    Course/Credit Approval Form 

    This form must be submitted for approval PRIOR to starting a course if:

    • you will be requesting credit reimbursement
    • if you are taking Post Masters classes that you wish to use for the reclassification of your salary (in place of Post Masters Credit Approval Form)


    Request for Reimbursement

    This form is to be submitted following the completion of a course for which you are requesting to be reimbursed. Submit the completed form along with proof of the grade received and an itemized statement of account. Prior course/credit approval is required to qualify for reimbursement.



    This form must be completed and returned to Tammy Hodge the first time you submit a request for reimbursement. The form will remain on file for subsequent requests.


    Request for Reclassification of Salary

    Requests for reclassification of salary must be received by the 15th day of the semester in which you will be reclassified and must be accompanied by supporting documents (official transcripts/letter of completion).