• Wellness Wiley


    Grade: 9 (.5 Credit)

    Course Materials:  Folder with pockets, composition book, appropriate clothes for movement.
    Course Description:  Begin the journey to vibrant health with this interactive wellness and physical education course.
    Can you locate your carotid and radial pulse? How intense should you exercise? Determine your level of physical fitness using
    Fitnessgram testing. Discover self esteem, proactive choices, and organizational techniques by Covey.In addition, students will participate in a curriculum rich in cooperative activities to foster strong friendships. Upon successful completion, they will receive the American Red Cross certification in CPR and First Aid.

    "To do good things in the world, first you must know who you are and what brings meaning to your life."

    -Paula P. Brownlee

    Wellness Fitness One  -Syllabus