• Grade 11 Description

    This grade involves students in the study of American English/Language Arts and Social Studies, with an increasing level of rigor focused on college and career readiness.  Students will continue to develop their reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills in order to understand, analyze, and respond to complex informational and literary texts in a variety of genres that explore aspects of the human condition.  Literacy Design Collaborative modules continue to be used, including studies of the literature and history of the American Great Depression, World War II, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War. The modules have been crafted to support the shifts of the Common Core State Standards for literacy. Students regularly write essays in the informational and argumentative modes. In addition to the modules, students will read a variety of informational and imaginative literature including fiction, poetry, and drama, all of which are identified on the Grade 11 ELA-SS Scope and Sequence.

    Scope and Sequence/Modules

Scope and Sequence

Module 1

Module 1 - ELA Resources

Module 1 - SS Resources

Module 2

Module 2 - ELA Resources

Module 2 - SS Resources

Module 3

Module 3 - ELA Resources

Module 3 - SS Resources

Module 4

Module 4 - ELA Resources

Module 4 - SS Resources

Student Work