• High School Biology Course

    In the Biology course, students answer the question "How do organisms live and grow?".  Students demonstrate that they can use investigations and and gather evidence to support explanations of cell function and reproduction.  Concepts of matter and energy, structure and function, and systems and system models provide students with insights into the structures and processes of organisms. They develop an understanding of the role of proteins as essential to the work of the cell and living systems.    
    Other major questions for student study are, "How are characteristics of one generation passed to the next?" and "How can individuals of the same species and even siblings have different characteristics?"  Students ask questions, make and defend a claim, and use concepts of probability to explain the genetic variation in a population. The Biology course offers students the opportunity to explain the mechanism of genetic inheritance and describe the environmental and genetic causes of gene mutation and the alteration of gene expression. 

    Units of Study

    Cell Biology & Biochemistry
    Heredity & Ecosystems 
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