• Grade 5 Description

    In this grade level, students investigate and explore through three units of study.   During each unit, students practice and apply science process skills with a particular emphasis on making observations, communicating data and results, comparing and organizing, discovering relationships, and designing controlled experiments.

    Grade 5 students focus on planning and carrying out investigations. In this unit, students identify variables and conduct controlled experiments using several multi-variable systems, such as pendula, airplanes, boats, and catapults. Students organize, compare, and communicate data from scientific inquiries.


    Grade 5 Physical Science students focus on Force and Motion. In this unit, students explore the physics of motion and design and apply these to a technological design. Students explore friction, resistance, and energy as they create models to test and adapt for efficiency of design.


    Grade 5 Life Science students focus on environments. In this unit, students gain experience with the major environmental factors in terrestrial and aquatic systems. They organize and analyze data from experiments and investigations with plants and animals. Students observe and describe changes in complex systems over time.

    Fifth grade represents a shift from elementary performance expectations as students work toward Middle School Science and the Eighth Grade Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Science Assessment.

    Grade 5 Units of Study: 

    • Planning and Carrying out Investigations
    • Force and Motion
    • Environments