• Kindergarten Description

    In this grade level, students investigate and explore through three units of study. During each unit, students practice and apply science process skills with a particular emphasis on making observations, communicating, comparing, and organizing objects using physical properties.

    Kindergarten Physical Science students focus on Material Properties. In this unit, students are introduced to the properties of materials in a systematic way, through a wide variety of fabrics. They become familiar with fabrics' properties, discover what happens when they are tested, and discover how they interact with other materials, including water. 
    Kindergarten Life Science students focus on organisms. This unit provides students with close and personal interaction with common land and water animals studied in pairs: fish, snails, earthworms, and isopods.

    Kindergarten Earth Science students focus on the environments in which trees grow, as well as their seasonal processes.


    Kindergarten Units of Study 

    • Structure and Function
    • Material Properties
    • Organisms