• Grade 1 Description

    In this grade level, students investigate and explore through three units of study. During each unit, students practice and apply science process skills with a particular emphasis on making observations, communicating, comparing, and organizing objects using physical properties.

    Grade 1 Earth Science students focus on Weather and Climate. In this unit, students discover that cloud cover, precipitation, wind, and temperature are features of weather that can be measured with scientific instruments such as rain gauges, wind scales, and thermometers.  They obtain experience collecting, organizing, and interpreting long term data.  The lessons in this unit enable students to appreciate how weather changes and how it affects our daily lives, to make elementary weather forecasts, and to appreciate the importance of meteorology.
    Grade 1 Physical Science students focus on Forces and Motion. In this unit, students discover that we live in a world where everything seems to be in motion, but not everything moves in the same way. They create and explore models to demonstrate and explore movement and its variables.  They also plan and carry out investigations with sound and with magnetic force.
    Grade 1 Life Science students focus on Structures and Processes. In the unit, students investigate a variety of organisms, they discover that organisms have certain basic needs (food, shelter, and water) and grow and change over time.  They discover that plants and animals are both similar and different, and that all organisms can be classified on the basis of their similarities and differences.

    Grade 1 Units of Study

    • Weather and Climate
    • Forces and Motion
    • Structures and Processes