• Grade 6 Description

     The Grade 6 curriculum consists of three major units of study. They are: Energy Resources, and Conservation; Discovering Near Space; and Matter and Interactions. In Energy, Resources, and Conservation, the students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources and how to conserve the world's resources. They also learn how to be stewards of their environment. In the unit Discovering Near Space, the students will explore the relationship between the Sun, Earth, and Moon and develop an understanding of the Earth's place in the solar system.  They will also explore the many objects that are a part of the solar system. In Matter and Interactions, students will expand on their abilities to understand scientific inquiry.  They will think critically to make connections between claims and evidence.  Students will gain an understanding of properties of matter including physical and chemical changes.  They will experience the transfer of energy with studies of heating and cooling.

    Grade 6 Units of Study

    •    Unit 1  Energy Resources and Conservation
    •    Unit 2  Discovering Near Space
    •    Unit 3  Matter and Interactions


     Scope and Sequence
    Scope and Sequence
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