• Algebra I Part I Description

    In Algebra I, Part I, instruction focuses on four main content areas: Numbers and Expressions, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Compound Inequalities, and Multiple Representations of Linear Functions.  Students will study comparing and ordering real numbers and simplifying and evaluating expressions using properties, laws of exponents, roots and/ or absolute values to solve problems.  Students will also write and solve linear equations, using properties to justify steps in the solution process and interpreting solutions in the context of the problem situation.  Students will write and solve compound inequalities, including absolute value inequalities, graph them on a number line, and interpret solutions in the context of the problem situation.  Finally, students will learn how to apply multiple representations of linear functions, and translate between them including in a context, using a table, graph, model, and/or equation.  

    Algebra I Part I Units of Study

Algebra I Overview