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    2017-18 Budget Process and Building Reorganization Plan
    The board and administration of Erie's Public Schools is now beginning the process of developing a budget for the 2017-18 school year. Without additional aid from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, EPS will face a budget deficit of $9.5 million for this year. As a result, the board and administration are considering significant budget cuts and other cost-saving measures to include in the proposed budget.
    At the same time, the board and administration are aware that the district's four high schools are currently not operating at capacity. In fact, recent enrollment figures reveal nearly 3500 "empty seats" in these buildings. Based on this data, the district is considering a full reorganization of its buildings in order to achieve the following goals:
    • Decrease the number of "empty seats" 
    • Provide all high school students with expanded programming options
    • Place as many students in the most serviceable buildings as possible
    • Provide a more efficient and consistent middle school experience for all students
    • Obtain uniform elementary configuration and neighborhood school boundaries
    To make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible, EPS has created a Reorganization Committee that meets every Tuesday. Minutes from each meeting will be posted the following Wednesday so that the public can track the district's progress during this time.
    All elementary and middle school boundaries have been re-drawn to accommodate students affected by the reorganization. Families can use interactive maps to input their address and determine where it falls in the new school boundaries (click on the photos below). Students who live very close to the boundary line between two schools should call the Child Accounting Office at 814-874-6150 to confirm their placement.
    EPS Elementary School Boundary for 2017-18 (click photo for interactive map) 
     EPS Middle School Boundary for 2017-18 (click photo for interactive map)
    A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to view by clicking here.
    For additional information on the district's budget, please visit the EPS Budget Portal web page.
    Thank you for your support of Erie's Public Schools!