•     Library Services in Erie's Public Schools




    The vision of Erie’s Public Schools Libraries is to empower students to become lifelong readers, learners, and ethical users of information so that they may be successful in an ever-changing global society.



    The mission of Erie’s Public Schools Libraries is to ensure that students, staff, and teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be information literate and effective users of information. In order to accomplish this mission, EPS libraries will:

    • Provide access to print and electronic resources that represent diverse experiences and opinions with respect to social and cultural perspectives
    • Foster and promote a love of reading

    In addition, EPS District Librarians will:

    • Demonstrate strategies for finding, assessing, and using information in a variety of formats
    • Teach students how to critically evaluate information in a variety of formats
    • Collaborate with teachers to support the curriculum
    • Provide leadership in the location, access, and use of instructional and information technologies
    • Develop and curate library collections by identifying, selecting and sharing the most relevant and highest quality print, digital and technological resources



      EPS Library Services Personnel


    Administrator of EPS Library Services                           Nora Dolak                            Office location:  Admin Bldg.            874-6000


    District Librarian                                                              Mary Drapcho                         Office location: East                            874-6400   x2045    


    District Librarian                                                               Jamie Ferrante                        Office location: East                           874-6400   x2045