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EPS implements STEM certification program for its middle school students

(September 2018) --

In order to more fully prepare our students for their future during and after high school, Erie's Public Schools has implemented a new certifcation program for its middle school students entitled the "Middle School STEM Certification." The pathway to this certifcation can begin in sixth or seventh grade and must be completed by eighth grade. Requirements for the STEM certification are as follows:

  • Must complete at least two years of STEM courses, achieving an 80% or higher grade.
  • Participate in at least one extra-curricular STEM activity such as Lego League, STEM Club, Science Olympiad, PJAS, Garden Club, Environmental Club, GE Girls Engineering Camp or others. The activity must be authorized by a STEM teacher.
  • Complete at least one independent project that has been authorized by and presented to the teacher for evaluation. This cannot be a duplicate of a project completed for another class or activity.


To learn more about STEM and the Middle School STEM Certification, click here.