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    VISION - Erie City School District will be the area leader in STEM education for middle-level students, preparing them to meet the 21st century challenges of a global marketplace through innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving.
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    GOALS for the implementation of STEM integration
    Goals for the Pre-Implementation Phase
    1. Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Diehl Elementary, and JoAnna Connell Elementary will attend the STEM Cocoa Beach Conference.
    2. The three schools listed above will complete school level plans.
    3. The three schools listed above will meet in September 2013 to discuss the Implementation Phase of this document.
    Goals for the Implementation Phase
    1. Year one STEM programs will complete two STEM lessons.
    2. Year two STEM programs will complete a STEM unit, an additional STEM lesson, create a STEM club, and establish a business partnership. 
    3. Year three STEM programs will implement a STEM program that includes all students; while maintaining their business partnership and STEM club.
    4. Build STEM capacity in the Erie City School District.
    Goals for the Maintenance and Sustainability Phase
    1. The district level STEM Team will meet monthly to ensure maintenance of the Erie City School District's STEM Program.
    2. According to the 2014 STEM conference RFP district/school level teams will attend the 2014 STEM Cocoa Beach Conference.
    3. Two new schools will be added to the Erie City School District's STEM Program for the 2014-2015 school year as year one schools.