• (7/22/2015) All district user email accounts are migrated to the new system. If you have questions regarding email call the help desk at 874-6181. Email distribution lists will be updated by the IT department (Chuck Hake) until permission issues we are currently experiencing are resolved. We are not supporting creating groups in O365 at this time. Any groups created will be deleted. In the future this will be an option. Public folders are being phased out and replaced with department or group mail boxes.
    (7/17/2015) The O365 email migration is 99% complete. We are finishing up with user accounts that had errors, scan to email issues, and public folder  issues. You will notice by clicking on the "Web Mail" icon from our district home page will take you directly into OWA if you checked the box "Remember" the first time you logged in. At this time you may email Rick Vitale (rvitale@eriesd.org) any other apparent issues for the IT department to investigate.
    (7/16/2015) The O365 email migration is 95% complete. We are still working on a few accounts that returned errors during the process. Overall the process has gone very well. Helpful tips:
    •  If you use the Outlook Web App (OWA), you will have access to other O365 applications. You can explore these on your own until information regarding the additional Apps is communicated. Currently our main focus is putting the finishing touches on the new email system.
    • If you used Outlook in the past and wish to continue using Outlook, you CAN do that. Opening Outlook on your district computer after the migration will require you to enter your password. If you check the "Remember" box when you enter the password your Outlook experience will be the same as in the past.
    (7/15/2015) The O365 email migration is going well. Approximately 45% complete. THERE WILL BE lapses in email communications between users on the new system and those who have not been transitioned yet. Also, lapses in email communications to and from other domains is expected today.
    A few items to note:
    • Accessing email by clicking the "Web Mail" icon on our home page is currently a two step authentication process. When the migration is complete it will be a one step process.
    • As a result of the email migration you may notice many O365 features are available to you. You may explore those features on your own. Information and tutorials are forthcoming for the O365 applications available to Erie's Public Schools account holders.
     (7/14/2015) Email settings on mobile devices do not need to be changed until your mailbox has been migrated. You will know your mailbox has been moved when you log into "Web Mail" on the EPS home page. You will be prompted to click:
    http://outlook.com/owa/eriesd.org. If you do not get the prompt your mailbox has not been moved yet.
    The migration process for all district users may take several days. Very few mailboxes have been moved as of 12:35PM today. We are currently testing and trouble shooting. Updates will continue to be posted on this page.
    (7/13/15) All Erie’s Public Schools Email Users –

    Erie’s Public Schools is beginning the transition to Microsoft Office 365. The first step in the process will be to migrate all of our email accounts to the cloud. This will begin tomorrow, July 14, 2015, at 10AM. During the migration process access to email will be limited and sporadic. While a user account is being migrated that user will not have access to their email. For some, email access may be interrupted for 15 minutes, for others up to several hours depending on the size of the mailbox being migrated.
    • All users should begin using Outlook Web App (OWA). Click the (Web Mail) envelope on the district home page. If you click the mail icon after your old mailbox has been moved you will get a prompt to “go here”. That will redirect you to the new email server.
    • Cell phone settings will need to be changed to receive email post migration.
    • Check this page regularly for answers to questions regarding the new email system and future releases of Office 365 components.
    MS Outlook:
    Outlook Web App (OWA) will meet the needs of most district users. For those who require the additional functionality provided by Outlook be aware once a mailbox is moved to O365, Outlook may prompt for user account name and password. Enter your username: firstinitiallastname@eriesd.org and your AD password. Select remember to avoid additional prompting.
    Mobile Phones:
    Go to Accounts (depending on device).
    Delete your current School District Account.
    Create a new one with the following settings.

    Type of Mail Account: Exchange or Corporate (depending on your device)
    Email Address: your email address
    Domain: Leave blank
    Username: your email address
    Password: your AD password
    Server (you may not see this initially): outlook.office365.com
    Use SSL - checked
    If you receive a failure for security, check “Accept All Certificates”