• PA Art Education Power Standards


    9.1.A Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities.


    9.1.B Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and principles to produce review and revise original works in the arts.


    9.1.C Recognize and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the arts forms.


    9.1.H Handle materials, equipment and tools safely at work and performance spaces.


    9.1.J Know and use traditional and contemporary technologies for producing, performing and exhibiting works in the arts or the works of others.


    9.2.A Explain the historical, cultural and social context of an individual work in the arts.


    9.3.A Recognize critical processes used in the examination of works in the arts and humanities.


    9.3.B Know that works in the arts can be described by using the arts elements, principles and concepts.


    9.4.B Know how to communicate an informed individual opinion about the meaning of works in the arts.


    9.4.D Recognize that choices made by artists regarding subject matter and themes communicate ideas through works in the arts and humanities.