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    School District of the City of Erie Policy


    for Use of Buildings and Grounds



    Terms and Conditions of Rental


    1. Applications must be received 15 business days prior to the date of use.

    2. Renters will be limited to specific spaces and equipment outlined on application. Only equipment, personnel and space requested in writing on the application will be considered for rental.

    3. Smoking is not permitted in any school district building.

    4. School activities (including EPS school-sponsored team practices, games and events) take precedence over all outside organization activities. EPS reserves the right to cancel or amend permits if space is needed to accommodate district/school activities.

    5. Renter agrees to return the premises in same condition as it was received, excluding reasonable wear and tear. Future rental applications will be dependent on payment of all fees and on compliance with district rental terms and conditions. Renter assumes financial responsibility and agrees to fund the repair and/or replacement of broken or damaged facilities or equipment occurring as the result of their use of district building/grounds/equipment.

    6. Each building administrator may specify additional terms and conditions as they apply to specific buildings, fields or properties. The additional terms and conditions are considered part of this agreement and are to be acknowledged by the rented by initialing in the prescribed box on the agreement.

    7. Only complete applications will be processed. Organizations applying for rental under Classes 2-4 must include the additional documentation listed below. These applications will be deemed complete when accompanied by the following:

    • A certificate of insurance indicating that renting organization will hold liability insurance for the period of rental with limits of $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident. NOTE: Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per claim is required for rental of Veterans Memorial Stadium
    • A signed Indemnification Form (see form attached)
    • A copy of the organization’s 501(c)(3) determination letter (if applying as a Nonprofit organization)

    8. Full payment is required 5 business days prior to the start date of the permit.

    9. The renter is responsible for indicating the need for security on the application form and paying all associated fees. District will determine the number of security personnel needed based on estimated event attendance.



    Click here to download a copy of the district's Use of Facilities form.

    Please make all checks payable to Erie City School District and mail to payment and forms to:

    ESD Facility Permits, Attn: Joyce Godlewski,

    148 West 21st Street, Erie PA 16502



    Rental Category Classifications

    Class 1: School related including:

                    Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts

                    EPS district and/or school-sponsored athletic teams

                    Adult learning/summer school

                    Business meetings of support organizations

                    PTA/PTO/Booster Club meetings

                    Meetings of employee groups

                    Organizations donating proceeds to the district

                    Emergency services for training purposes (Fire, Police, EMT, etc)

    Class 2: Nonprofit organizations (with proof of 501c3 status) with 50% or more EPS student participants AND who do not charge entry fee to participants (includes City of Erie, YMCA, and other city-wide youth groups).

    Class 3: Nonprofit organizations (with proof of 501c3 status) with less than 50% EPS student participants OR who charge entry fee to participants

    Class 4: For-profit organizations


    Building and Facility Rental Fees


    *Class 1 organizations are encouraged to schedule events/activities during hours when building personnel are already on duty in order to avoid additional costs being incurred by the district.


    **Use of HS/MS gymnasiums from August 1 to June 1 is limited to Class 1 only.


    ***If district equipment is not available, renter must rent equpiment from an authorized district vendor at vendor's rental rates.


    ****Designates equipment that must be operated by authrorized school district personnel OR by authorized school district vendor (additional fees for labor may apply).