• Kinematics in Two Dimensions

    Learning Targets:

    1. Categorize physical quantities as being vectors or scalars
    2. Determine resultant vectors geometrically when applying arithmetic operations to vectors
    3. Determine x and y components of vectors
    4. Determine resultant vectors algebraically when applying arithmetic operations to vectors
    5. Define displacement in two dimensions
    6. Define average and instantaneous velocities in two dimensions
    7. Define average and instantaneous accelerations in two dimensions
    8. Describe projectile motion in two dimensions, graphically
    9. Apply kinematic equations in two dimensions for objects in motion near the surface of the Earth
    10. Derive the relative velocity equation
    11. Solve problems involving relative velocity


    1. Graphical Vector Addition
    2. Vector Resolution
    3. Vector Addition
    4. Relative Velocity


    1. Vector Voyage
    2. Graphical Vector Addition Worksheet
    3. Vector Resolution Worksheet
    4. Vector Addition Worksheet 1
    5. Vector Addition Worksheet 2
    6. Relative Velocity Worksheet


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