• Career and Technical Education Information 
    Dear Parents/Guardians of Career and Tech Students,
    Erie’s Public Schools recognizes the need to balance student and staff safety with the need for in-person educational opportunities. In person education is imperative for career and technical education students to get the hands on experiences necessary to develop the skills in the students’ chosen area of focus.
    High school students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs housed at Erie High School will receive individualized schedules that allow for some in-person, hands-on instruction at Erie High. Instruction will take place in properly ventilated classrooms. Career and technical education students will be permitted to attend school in-person beginning September 8, 2020. Students will come for one (1) full day of CTE instruction per week and complete their academic classes virtually at home on the remaining four days of the week. Students will report at as follows:
    • Mondays: all first year CTE students
    • Tuesdays: all second year CTE students
    • Wednesdays: all third year CTE students
    • Thursdays: all fourth year CTE students
    In order to plan for social distancing and equipment usage, we are asking you to commit to either attending in-person instruction one day per week (remaining days at home) or to full time, synchronous virtual instruction for the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO HAVE YOUR CHILD ATTEND IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION, please notify us at 814-874-6225 or email pmackowski@eriesd.org. Otherwise, we will include your student at attending on their scheduled day.
    We will be following the district’s health and safety plan which can be found here.