• Frequently Asked Questions: Hybrid Learning 

    What are my child’s educational options for the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year?

    Students in preK through 5th grade can continue to participate in 100% remote instruction OR choose to participate in a hybrid model of instruction. Middle and high school students will continue to work 100% remotely.


    What if I choose to continue with 100% remote instruction?

    Your child will continue to participate in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous instruction remotely, as they are doing now. Please know that your child may be assigned to a different teacher if you choose this option, depending on how many students choose to continue with remote instruction and other factors.


    What does the hybrid model look like?

    Under the hybrid model, your child would attend school in person on Monday through Thursday one week. The following week, your child would participate in remote instruction Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, all students will participate in remote instruction. 

    In-person instruction will begin the week of Nov. 9 or Nov. 16, depending on your child’s class. Your child’s class will be assigned a color, either purple or gold, to determine their schedule. Schedule information will be mailed home prior to the start of in-person instruction. Example calendar for November/December:


     Hybrid calendar


    I’d like to choose the hybrid model, but I have more than one child in elementary school. Will siblings be on the same weekly schedule?

    Yes, the district will make every possible effort to keep siblings on the same hybrid schedule.


    I have more than one child in elementary school. Am I able to choose different options for each of my children?

    Yes, absolutely. See next question.


    How do I select my choice?

    In order for us to prepare for the quarter ahead, we’re asking parents and guardians to fill out a form committing to either remote or hybrid instruction for their child for the second quarter of the school year. The form can be found on your child’s Schoology page. Please fill out one form for each child by Oct. 23.


    What if I want to change my selection after completing the commitment form?

    Please contact the assistant superintendent’s office at 874-6015 by Oct. 23.


    What if I can’t find the commitment form, or am having trouble accessing it or filling in out?

    Please contact your child’s school directly for help.


    What if the option I chose isn’t working for my family or my child?

    To help us plan for the quarter ahead, we’re asking that families make a thoughtful commitment to one option for the entirety of the second quarter, but certainly realize that some families may face unique circumstances and will need to change from one instructional model to another.


    What about special education students and English language learners?

    Special education students in self-contained classrooms will continue to have the option to attend school in person, five days a week. Beginning in the second quarter, we will also offer targeted in-person instruction to some students in preK-5 who receive supplemental special education services and some ELL students. You will be contacted by the district if your child falls into either of those categories.


    What about career and technical education students?

    Career and technical education students will continue to receive in-person instruction on assigned days.   


    Will the district provide transportation to students?

    Yes, to those K-5 students who live more than 1.5 miles away from their school, as per district policy. Please indicate your need for transportation on the commitment form.


    Will the district continue meal distribution?

    Yes. The district will continue to distribute meals to all students, including those who choose to continue to participate in 100% remote instruction. Details will be provided shortly. Please visit eriesd.org for all updates.