• Grade 4 Description

    In this grade level, students investigate and explore through four units of study.  During each unit, students practice and apply science process skills with a particular emphasis on making observations, communicating, comparing and organizing objects using physical properties.

    Grade 4 Life Science students focus on structure and function. This unit on animal studies enables students to explore animals from three diverse habitats. Students observe and describe the animals' physical characteristics and behaviors. 


    Grade 4 Physical Science students focus on electricity and magnetism. In this unit, students discover that electricity in circuits can generate energy in the form of light, heat, and magnetism.  Students wire a simple electric circuit, build and use a circuit tester and switch, build a flashlight, and wire a model house. 

    Grade 4 Earth Science students focus on the Earth's surface. Students investigate the interactions between land and water. Using a stream table as a model, they create hills, build dams, and grow vegetation.  Students discover how water changes the shape of land and how features of land in turn affect the flow of water.
    Grade 4 Earth Space Science students learn that Earth is one of several planets that orbit the sun, that the moon orbits the Earth, and basic observations of the the phases of the moon.
    In fourth grade, students participate in the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA) Science Assessment.

    Grade 4 Units of Study

    • Structure and Function
    • Electricity and Magnetism
    • Earth's Surface and Interactions
    • Earth and Moon