• High School Mathematics Algebra I Part I Unit 1

    Subject: Mathematics
    Course: Algebra I Part I
    Timeline: 12-24 Days
    Unit 1 Title: Numbers and Expression

    Unit Overview: 
    This unit will review types of numbers and the sets to which they belong.  Students will compare and simplify numbers written in different forms. They will also identify and use properties to determine equivalency and to simplify expressions. This unit will review and/or reteach fraction, decimal, percent and integer operations.  Students will simplify expressions using numbers in different forms.  The unit concludes with an examination the Laws of Exponents and evaluating expressions using these rules. 
    This unit is designed to test students’ abilities on the concepts of expressions.  Problems are consistently embedded in context throughout the unit. Students are expected to compare and contrast solution methods for a variety of different problem types and communicate their mathematical thinking verbally and in writing.

    Unit Objectives:
    By the end of Unit 1, all students will be able to:
    • order real numbers, with both rational and irrational numbers;
    • identify the set(s) to which a number belongs;
    • identify and use the Commutative, Associative, and Identity properties in both numerical and algebraic expressions;
    • fluently perform operations involving fractions, decimals, percents, exponents, roots, and integers;
    • use the Laws of Exponents to simplify algebraic expressions.

    Focus Standards:
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Compare and/or order any real numbers.  Rational and irrational may be mixed.
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Simplify square roots.
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Simplify/ evaluate expressions involving properties/laws of exponents, roots,
    and/or absolute values to solve problems.
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Use estimation to solve problems.
    PA.CCSS.Math.Eligible Content.A1. Use and/or identify an algebraic property to justify any step in an equation- 
    solving process.

    Mathematical Practice Standards:
    #1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.  
    #2 Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
    #3 Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
    #7 Look for and make use of structure.

    • Lesson 1.1-1.5 Assessment
    • Lesson 1.1-1.10 Assessment

    This unit has accommodation suggestions included throughout.