• Title III Parent Guide
    English Language Learners

    How can I contact the local School District?
    Federal/State Programs oversees the ESL program and is located at 148 West 21 Street, the Dr. James E. Barker Leadership Center.  The phone number is 874-6000.

    What is available for students who have limited English proficiency?
    Students whose primary or home language is not English will be assessed to determine English Language proficiency and potential placement in an EL program.  The English language proficiency level will determine the amount of time the EL teacher provides language instruction in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    How is English Language Proficiency Measured?
    Pennsylvania uses the WIDA Access Test, which is aligned with English language proficiency standards, to measure progress and/or attainment of the English language.

    Are English Language Learners required to take state Assessments?

    ELL students in their first year of enrollment in a U.S. school are excused from taking the Reading and Writing PSSA/Keystone Assessments.  Otherwise, all students must participate.  

    What after school tutoring programs are available for students who have limited English proficiency?
    Contact your child’s teacher regarding after school support.  

    What if I am having trouble communicating with the school?
    The district has a school based caseworker and a family support facilitator available to non-English speaking families.

    Tisha Chase
    Program Coordinator, Education for IIE                
    814-452-3935 x 2013

    Alice Quinones
    Student/Family Support Facilitator

    How can families become involved in their child’s education?

    • Attend open house night
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences
    • Attend Saturday or after school refugee parent/student workshops
    • Contact the teacher with questions or concerns
    • Check for notices sent home
    • Ask children about their day
    • Help with homework

    The International Institute of Erie, Pa and Catholic Charities Diocese of Erie resettle hundreds of refugees a year.  The resettlement agencies provide assistance with the enrollment of children into school.  For families not affiliated with a resettlement agency, the City of Erie School District’s Federal/State Programs Department will help families enroll in school.

    Please Contact the City of Erie School District, the International Institute of Erie or the Multicultural Community Resources Center for further assistance

    International Institute of Erie           Multicultural Community Resource Center
    517 East 26th Street                            554 East 10th Street
    Erie, PA 16504                                     Erie, PA 16503
    (814) 452-3935                                   (814) 455-0212
    Erie's Public Schools
    Federal/State Programs
    148 West 21st Street
    Erie, PA 16502
    (814) 874-6058