• Understanding Special Education


    Graphic of chalkboard with alphabet blocks and handwriting spelling out "The ABCs of Special Education" IEP? 

    504 Plan? 


    What does it all mean?

    We understand that navigating the world of Special Education can be challenging, even overwhelming, at times. We're here to help you make sense of the most common anachronyms, words and topics you'll hear, see and hear when working with your child's administrators, teachers and other specialists. 


    In the menu at left, you'll find helpful information, including a guide to the vocabulary of special education, helpful information about the evaluation and IEP process, important timelines, information about your rights as a parent, and a guide to communicating with school staff.

    Still have questions and concerns? Reach out to any of our Special Education Office staff below.



    Contact Information

    Special Education Office:  874-6050

    Dr. Angela Kownacki, Director of Pupil Services,   akownacki@eriesd.org


    Special Education Supervisors:

    Brad Braggins bbraggins@eriesd.org :  Strong Vincent Middle, East Middle, Perry, Lincoln, Connell, Diehl

    Paul Causgrove pcausgrove@eriesd.org :  Pfeiffer-Burleigh, Harding, Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, Edison, McKinley

    Kristina Bokulich kbokulich@eriesd.org :  Erie High School, Collegiate, Wilson Middle, Cyber, Recovery Academy

    Linda Cappabianca lcappabianca@eriesd.org : Speech and Language, Early Intervention, Gifted, ESL


    Child Study Office:  874-6100

    School Psychologists:

    Kelly Recker krogers@eriesd.org :  Erie High School, Harding

    Heather Prichard hprichard@eriesd.org :  Erie High School, Perry

    Marc Fiorelli mfiorelli@eriesd.org :  Erie High School, Connell

    Amber Hotchkiss ahotchkiss@eriesd.org :  East Middle, Edison

    Stephanie Kalivoda skalivoda@eriesd.org :  Wilson Middle, Diehl

    Cathy Davis cdavis@eriesd.org :  East Middle, Lincoln, Early Intervention

    Jennifer Roden jroden@eriesd.org :   Strong Vincent Middle, Grover Cleveland

    Barb Famageltto bfamageltto@eriesd.org :  Wilson Middle, McKinley

    LuAnn Gatti lgatti@eriesd.org :  Collegiate, Pfeiffer-Burleigh

    Chris Marz cmarz@eriesd.org :  Strong Vincent Middle, Jefferson


    Early Intervention:

    Laura Kitcey, Early Intervention Service Coordinator, 874-6155, lkitcey@eriesd.org


    School Based Access Program:

    Sandy Gallagher, SBAP Administrator, sgallagher@eriesd.org


     Special Education Records:

    Rachael Moore, 874-6102, ramoore@eriesd.org