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    Erie's Public Schools Student Stairclimber Awards


    Erie's Public Schools strives to always celebrate the success of our students. As part of that initiative, the Stairclimber Award is presented monthly at regular School Board meetings (from October through May) to one student from each building, recognizing their tenacity, grit and perseverance toward making improvements in their ABC's -- Attendance, Behavior and Classroom Performance.

    The EPS Stairclimber Award, which stems from PA School Climate Data feedback and Strategic Plan Survey results, supports our district-wide movement of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS).



    Meet our March 2021 Stairclimbers!


    Emily McDowell photo

    Emily McDowell, NWPA Collegiate Academy, 10th grade

    "Emily was pivotal in leading the Service Learning Project (Angel Tree) presentation during our recent JPA accreditation evaluation by the U.S. Army. What makes this even more remarkable is that she originally did not have a significant role to play. She was simply an alternate, with no speaking role. One week before the inspection we asked her to take over as lead for the entire presentation. She agreed and within very little time pulled the team together and led them through an outstanding performance."


    Zaburoni Twahirwa

    Zaburoni Twahirwa, East Middle School, 8th grade

    "Zabouroni came to the United States in 2018 and started his educational career at East Middle School. Zabouroni is this month's stairclimber award winner based on his attendance, grades, and positive behavior. He has perfect attendance this school year! His rolling cumulative grade point average is a 3.45 and we can always count on him to assist his peers on Schoology when they have questions. Honestly, he could probably run the Schoology page for East Middle School. Zabouroni is always carefree and positive in his classes and any extracurricular Zoom that we run. He has come so far since he first came to East...from being the student who always needed the help, to the student who is giving all the help, Zabouroni has turned into a true student leader."


    Samir Krso

    Samir Krso, Strong Vincent Middle School, 6th grade

    "When asked to describe sixth grader, SAMIR KRSO ("ker-soh"), his teachers unanimously said 'ROCK STAR.' Respectful, responsible, reliable - Samir goes out of his way to be a great role model for his peers. We are truly thankful to recognize Samir Krso as our STAIRCLIMBER this month. He is VINCENT STRONG....no matter the distance."


     Damian Chivari photo

    Damian Chivari, Grover Cleveland Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Damian has improved so much this year. Since returning to hybrid/in person learning, his attendance has been perfect and he has really improved his attitude and conduct at school. We are so proud of his manners and behavior on the bus and in class."


    DeZiah Crosby

    De'Ziah Crosby, Edison Elementary School, Kindergarten

    "De'Ziah Crosby is a smart and kind kindergartener who is always willing to help her friends! Virtually, she is ready to learn everyday with her supplies right next to her and a smile on her face. In person, she is a super participator that is always one step ahead!"


    Braxton Torres

    Braxton Torres, Harding Elementary School, Kindergarten

    "Braxton has made tremendous growth with his attendance from last year to this year. He has also grown in his speech class and participates in class. He is continuing to grow everyday with his reading and writing skills as well. Great Job Braxton on showing everyone what being a Harding Dragon is all about!"


     Olivia Dembski photo

    Olivia Dembski, Jefferson Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Olivia comes to school with a contagious happiness and joy. She is always putting forth her best effort. Her hard work and determiniation show in her academic improvements! She has handled all the changes from in person to remote without a single complaint. Olivia is a helper and a leader in the classroom!"


    Alaina Miller photo   

    Alaina Miller, Lincoln Elementary School, 1st grade 

    "Alaina Miller's attendance has been great! When she doesn't have the supplies needed, she finds a way to get the work done! Bravo Alaina, we are so proud of you!"


    Jazymn McGerl photo

    Jazymn McGerl, Perry Elementary School, 5th grade

    "Jazymn is a sweet and timid young student. She completes all her work. She is always eager to answer questions, tries her absolute best to earn the highest grades and tells her teacher she wants to do better. She is caring! She asks to help her classmates. She's a great Perry student."


    Amith Tamang photo

    Amith Tamang, Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "Amith has been in class, silly and smiling, this school year despite having lost his mother when school began and almost losing his father two months later. He is always happy and interacting cheerily with classmates. In an uncertain year, he is having to overcome so much and has done so with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Amith shows character and perserverance beyond his years."


    Zaedyn photo

    Zaedyn Ramirez-Green, McKinley Elementary School, 4th grade 

    "Zaedyn has become a model student this third quarter. Zaedyn is always on time now for his online learning and prepared with his materials ready to go. He is participating every day in every subject and is trying his hardest. I no longer have to worry about any attendance issues and he is absolute joy to have in my class. He is a great example of a McKinley Mariner."


    Ameer Grandberry, Patrick J. DiPaolo Student Success Center at Emerson-Gridley, 8th grade (not pictured)

    "Ameer Grandberry should be awarded the 'Stick-to-it' award for many reasons. For starters, Ameer has excellent attendance and participates in the virtual learning environment. He also asks questions, is always polite and respectful, and helps his peers when they need it. At the start of the year, Ameer was still adjusting to a virtual setting. However, now he is excelling. His improvements from the first few weeks until now is noteworthy. He embodies our EG moto, be responsible, be respectful, and be resilient. For these reasons, we believe Ameer is a perfect candidate for the 'Stick-to-it' award."


    Kwiringira Matindi, Erie High School, 11th grade (not pictured)

    "Kwiringira has made a complete 180. He now completes ALL his assignments and often turns them in before the due date. Kwiringira has become a more serious student and has brought his grade up 26% from the 1st quarter!"


    Calayo Madison, Wilson Middle School, 6th grade (not pictured)

    "Wilson's Stair Climber for March is Calayo Madison. He has become more confident as the year progresses, he keeps a positive attitude no matter what class he is in and is excited to come to class every day. He tries his hardest on his assignments, even if they are challenging for him. He has been participating in class almost every day, which has increased his confidence throughout this year as well.  We are very proud of his efforts here at Wilson. Way to go Colao!!"


    Stella Cobb, JoAnna Connell Elementary School, Kindergarten (not pictured)

    "Connell's March Stairclimber is Stella Cobb. Stella was nominated by both the Kindergarten Team and her Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Pristello. Remote learning is no easy task for Kindergarten students, however, Stella has shown tremendous growth and academic progress since the beginning of the year with marked improvement in letter naming and sounds. Her attention and focus online has been unmatched and during hybrid days, she is a model Cougar consistently reminding others to follow our school-wide expectations of being Safe and Responsible by adhering to district Covid protocols. JoAnna Connell is extremely proud of Stella's hard work and effort!"


    Bayan Aldabak, Diehl Elementary School, 5th grade (not pictured)

    From her EL teacher Ms. Ward: "I would like to nominate Bayan Aldabak. Bayan is a 5th grade English Language Learner. She is very dedicated to her studies and tries very hard. If Bayan is unsure of something or runs into a problem with technology, she reaches out to me. Bayan has taken the initiative on many occasions to ask me for extra help. While remote learning has proven to be a barrier for some students, Bayan has not allowed anything to interfere with her learning English or getting a good education. I am extremely proud of her!"





    Congratulations to our EPS Student Stairclimbers!