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    Erie's Public Schools Student Stairclimber Awards


    Erie's Public Schools strives to always celebrate the success of our students. As part of that initiative, the Stairclimber Award is presented monthly at regular School Board meetings (from October through May) to one student from each building, recognizing their tenacity, grit and perseverance toward making improvements in their ABC's -- Attendance, Behavior and Classroom Performance.

    The EPS Stairclimber Award, which stems from PA School Climate Data feedback and Strategic Plan Survey results, supports our district-wide movement of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS).



    Meet our April 2021 Stairclimbers!

     Ivelisse Arce

    Ivelisse Arce, NWPA Collegiate Academy, 11th grade

    "Ivy is an active member of the Green Team. She created signs for the pending new school garden at Baker's field. She has a lot of knowledge about gardening which she shared with us during our seed germinating meeting last week. (The Green Team is currently germinating various herbs and vegetables for the pending school garden at Bakersfield.) Ivy's enthusiasm and ambition is just what our team needs!"

     Giamonni Thomas

    Giamonni Thomas, Wilson Middle School, 8th grade

    "Wilson Middle School is truly proud of our Stairclimber, Giomonni Thomas. Giomonni had a very difficult start to the year. He missed a large portion of the start of the year, and tragically lost his mother part way into the school year. Understandably, Gio really struggled throughout the first and second quarter for both attendance and academics. Thankfully, he was able to get help from school, friends, and family, and has made a great turn around with attendance and grades."

     Skylar Feeney

    Skylar Feeney, Grover Cleveland Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Skylar has really improved her confidence with working online in the virtual class. She reads aloud and has improved her participation. Her grades are excellent and she works hard."

     Stephanie Hurtado

    Stephanie Hurtado, Edison Elementary School, 1st grade

    "Stephanie has amazing attendance, missing only one day of school all year. She is an incredible listener and always goes above and beyond in her Amplify and iReady work. Stephanie shows strength and excitement when supporting her peers during decoding and blending activities. Her materials are always prepared and her technology is charged and ready to go.

    Na Kylah Tate  

    Na'Kylah Tate, Harding Elementary School, 4th grade

    "Na'Kylah has been working really hard to get all of her work done on time. She even does work ahead of time if possible!"

    Shavarii Goodwin

    Sha'varii Goodwin, Perry Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "Sha'varii consistently maintains excellent classroom behavior, is considerate of others, meets the GPS expectations, has outstanding manners, puts effort into all of his assignments, has perfect attendance (in-person), and is earning above average grades! I'm EXTREMELY proud of his growth and accomplishments both academically and behaviorally."

    Azjouri Rieger

    Azjouri Rieger, Jefferson Elementary School, 4th grade 

    "Azjouri has been staying for extra help and has shown improved dedication to her success. Her grades are improving as a result."


    Javien Williams, Patrick J. DiPaolo Student Success Center at Emerson-Gridley, 9th grade (not pictured)

    "Javien has been an extremely motivated hard worker throughout the school year, despite the challenge of transitioning from in-person instruction to remote instruction and back again! As he entered my classroom, Javien expressed that he wanted to learn to read and that he has had a hard time with this. From then, he has set goals for himself to become a better reader and has been working hard to attain those goals (with impressive results)! We have seen Javien progress from a beginning reader to being able to decode and spell words and sentences on his own! Javien has exemplary attendance in school and rarely misses a day. He is a wonderful member of our classroom community and has been working hard to be someone who spreads positivity each day! Javien has been making amazing strides in his classes despite our pandemic-related challenges and a role-model for all students who are struggling in school. It is my honor to nominate Javien to be recognized for the amazing improvements he has shown this school year, even despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us!"


    Angel Jordan, Erie High School, 11th grade (not pictured)

    "Angel Jordan has made a complete turnaround from last year. She is currently averaging 100% in my online learning class. Angel deserves recognition and commendation for her vast improvement!"


    Dewan Tamang, East Middle School, 7th grade (not pictured)

    "East Middle School would like to nominate Dewan Tamang for this month Stairclimber Award. He logs into class daily and puts his best foot forward, he is making great strides in his reading. He has read 22 books so far for the year, 12 of them in the 3rd quarter alone. With two weeks remaining in the 3rd quarter, he has already crushed is goal (140%), and he isn't stopping. Great job Dewan!"


    Sarah Aldaeif, Strong Vincent Middle School, 6th grade (not pictured)

    "Strong Vincent is proud to recognize Sarah Aldaeif as our monthly Stairclimber. Sarah is known as a 'friend to all' and is the first one to lend a hand to her classmates. Her warm heart, wonderful personality, and tremendous work ethic make her a "Sixth Grade Stand Out". Camera on, participating in class, carefully completing assignments - our Sarah Aldaeif is VINCENT STRONG - NO MATTER THE DISTANCE."


    Keeyan Ross, JoAnna Connell Elementary School, 4th grade (not pictured)

    "Keeyan Ross has demonstrated remarkable improvement since he began Connell Elementary last school year. Despite many challenges, Keeyan is blossoming and has demonstrated substantial improvement, particularly in Math class. This improvement has been so noticeable that he was nominated by both our Principal, Mr. Williams, as well as his 4th grade Teacher, Mr. Szychowski. The Connell Cougar Family is proud to nominate Keeyan Ross for this month's Stairclimber Award!"


    Dai'vion Hemphill, Diehl Elementary School, 1st grade (not pictured)

    "Dai’vion Hemphill is a first grader at Diehl Elementary School. He started the year as an eager learner and has grown so much since September. He actively participates in virtual and in-person lessons and demonstrates responsibility as he comes to class on time and is always prepared for the day. Since returning to school, he has earned Principal 100 Club honors for his model behavior and showing respect and kindness to his classmates. Additionally, Dai’vion has demonstrated significant growth in his DIBELS scores and has become a class leader in math. His academic successes are the result of his hard work and determination. Dai’vion continues to SOAR every day and makes his Diehl family very proud."


    Ryan Cook, Lincoln Elementary School, 5th grade (not pictured)

    "Ryan is a fifth grader who has demonstrated great perservance during these trying times. He has earned an honor card, his attendance has been great, and his participation during zoom classes has increased. He is a pleasure to have in class. Bravo Ryan. We are so proud of you, Keep up the good work!"


    Ouijalwan Thompson, McKinley Elementary School, 3rd grade (not pictured)

    "He has become a student with such high confidence, a willingness to learn and try new things, has gained confidence, has an excitement for learning, participates and asks questions, and works independently to problem solve. He works through many problems without feeling overwhelmed and becoming very upset. Mrs. Ronto saya, "Ouijalwan is a joy to have in my class, and I am so proud of the amazing progress he has shown."


    Emaryon Hayes, Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, 3rd grade (not pictured)

    "Emaryon has shown a tremendous amount of improvement in effort, attitude, and his approach to learning! At the beginning of the year, he seemed to be a distant child who didn't always enjoy being on screen. At this point in the year, he earns every day on his behavior plan and is a model student in the room! He works hard to overcome academic struggles and works very hard to prove that he is always willing to learn. He participates and is engaged daily in classroom discussions. He is very serious about his learning! We are very proud of you, Emaryon!"



     Congratulations to our EPS Student Stairclimbers!