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    Erie's Public Schools Student Stairclimber Awards


    Erie's Public Schools strives to always celebrate the success of our students. As part of that initiative, the Stairclimber Award is presented monthly at regular School Board meetings (from October through May) to one student from each building, recognizing their tenacity, grit and perseverance toward making improvements in their ABC's -- Attendance, Behavior and Classroom Performance.

    The EPS Stairclimber Award, which stems from PA School Climate Data feedback and Strategic Plan Survey results, supports our district-wide movement of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS).



    Meet our February 2022 Stairclimbers!



    Photo of Harding Stairclimber Lillyan Barner and her family.

    Lillyan Barner, Harding Elementary School, 4th grade

    "Lilly is one of the kindest students in her class. She includes everyone and is always willing to help another student with anything! Lilly has really been working on her grades and classwork. She works hard every day and always puts forth her best effort. Her hard work is surely paying off. Not only have her grades improved, but she has improved immensely on her I-Ready mid-year test. She is a wonderful example of the saying, 'Hard work pays off!'" 


    Photo of Pfeiffer-Burleigh Stairclimber Jamari Austin Davis and family

    Jamari Austin Davis, Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, 4th grade 

    "Jamari has come so far in just a short amount of time. Jamari has become a role model in the classroom. When students are struggling with academics or behavior Jamari is constantly trying to get them on the right track. If he sees students in the hallway that are feeling down, he tries to encourage them to change their day around. Jamari rode his bike to school last week from Peach Street. He said to his teacher, 'Miss Carr, sorry I'm late but I knew I had to be here at school. So I did what I needed to do.' Jamari's smile will always make your day, no matter what! Everyone at PB is so proud of Jamari!"


     Photo of Stairclimber Isabella Dickey and family.

    Isabella Dickey, Strong Vincent Middle School, 7th grade

    "Nelson Mandela may have said 'We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference....' but Isabella Dickey lives these words each morning she enters Strong Vincent. Her neverending kindness, loyalty, and tenacity make her this month's unanimous choice. Always putting the needs of others above her own, the entire SV family celebrates the spirit and CLASS of Isabella Dickey. With courage, she conquers!"


     Photo of Stairclimber Davarie Feliciano and family.

    Davarie Feliciano, McKinley Elementary School, 5th grade 

    "Davarie has truly shown that he is a Mariner over the past 2 years. He has improved multiple grade-levels in reading. In math, he has made great progress with his ability to perform math skills. Davarie's greatest accomplishments are in his behavior. In 3rd grade, Davarie would look at a worksheet and run away. In 5th grade, Davarie has been completing all his work, staying inside the classroom, requesting breaks, and showing that he is mature and ready for middle school. He has truly shown that he is a Mariner. We are very proud of all the accomplishments Davarie has made! Way to go Davarie!"


     Photo of Grover Cleveland Stairclimber Semaj Gillespie and his family.

    Semaj Gillespie, Grover Cleveland Elementary School, Kindergarten

    "Semaj is the model of what a stairclimber looks like at Grover Cleveland. He began the year with daily visits to the office to help him redirect his negative behavior. Now he visits the office to show how awesome he is doing in class. This change in behavior has helped Semaj improve his academics and he has become a role model in his class."


     Photo of Perry Stairclimber Shaliel Glover and family members.

    Shaliel Glover, Perry Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "Shaliel has shown both behavior and academic growth.  He is reading with great confidence. He doesn't get frustrated and want to give up anymore.  Shaliel is excelling in math. He loves to participate in math and share his answers with his classmates.   He is so eager to behave and learn. Shaliel wants to make his teacher proud and follow Perry expectations both in and out of the classroom.   It makes me so happy to see him grow and become the shining star he is meant to be."


    Photo of Edison Stairclimber Salina Katel and family members.

    Salina Katel, Edison Elementary School, 5th grade

    "Salina is a bright, kind, and helpful young lady. She puts forth her best efforts every day and is always on task. She takes her education seriously and works hard to achieve her goals."


    Photo of East Middle School Stairclimber Victoria Metzler and family members.

    Victoria Metzler, East Middle School, 6th grade

    "Victoria has made improvements in grades and behavior. Victoria has made a huge effort to spend more time in class and less time in the office by completely eliminating the number of behavior referrals in the month of January. With Victoria making an effort to be in class and ready to learn each day she has now increased her grades from failing each class and now has all A's and B's, this is a tremendous improvement from first quarter! Great Job making improvements and showing East POWER this quarter!"


    Photo of Jefferson Stairclimber Maddilynn Mezzacapo and family members.

    Maddilynn Mezzacapo, Jefferson Elementary School, 4th grade

    "Maddilynn started the school year with a goal reading dolch sight words (pre-primer and primer). She was reading about 10 out of 40 (pre primer) and 1 out of 52 (primer). She completed this goal by reading on average 36 out of 40 (pre-primer) and 40 of 52 (primer). Maddilynn started the year answering 20% of addition and subtraction problems correctly, she is now at 85% accuracy. She started the virtual year off in bed and now is working at a work station. She continues to work hard on assignments in class, even when they pose to be difficult for her. Maddilynn knows that some things are hard for her but she pushes through! Her confidence in herself has grown so much this year and it is showing in her schoolwork and drive to excel!"


    Photo of Lincoln Stairclimber Jordan Pfadt and family member.

    Jordan Pfadt, Lincoln Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Jordan participated in our 2nd grade Anchor program and never missed a day! He always shows a positive attitude and works hard to learn and grow. Jordan raised his scores in both his iReady Diagnostic and his DIBELS assessment. Jordan has truly demonstrated being a Lincoln Lion leader and has been dedicated to using his growth mindset while sticking to his goals and achieving them.


    Photo of Collegiate Stairclimber Jordan Smith and family member.

    Jordan Smith, Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, 12th grade

    "Jordan has grown into being a strong leader in the dance department, becoming someone fellow classmates look up to and reach out to for assistance in not only for dance but other areas as well. Younger classmen, especially, reach out to Jordan and follow her lead in and outside of the classroom, showcasing Collegiate pride, honor and respect."


    Photo of Wilson Stairclimber Eddie Tavera, family members, and Principal Mike Pisano.

    Eddie Tavera, Wilson Middle School, 8th grade

    "Eddie has shown remarkable effort this quarter. Despite the fact that he experienced a family tragedy, he has significantly improved his grades in all of his classes. He is very focused and is constantly striving to improve. He is proving to be an excellent role model for his fellow students."


    Photo of Diehl Stairclimber Robert Tucholski, family members, and Principal Tim Sabol.

    Robert Tucholski, Diehl Elementary School, 3rd grade 

    "Robert was new to our school this year and has made great progress in both his improved behavior and reading. Robert has been working very hard with Mrs. Hinkler and his efforts shine! He tries his best in whatever task he is given. He is extremely kind and helpful to friends, and he loves to share his knowledge of all things related to science. I am happy that Robert is part of our Diehl family. Way to go, Robert! You make Diehl proud!"


    Photo of JoAnna Connell Stairclimber Israel Woodworth and Assistant Principal Deanna McFarland.

    Israel Woodworth, JoAnna Connell Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "Israel possesses many qualities that make him an outstanding Cougar!  His best qualities are always using his manners and working well with others.  Izzy has a positive attitude with an infectious smile.  This positive energy has served him well in helping him make tremendous growth throughout the year.  Izzy's vast knowledge always enhances our class discussions during CKLA.  He amazes me with his prior knowledge on all the subjects we have covered this year such as: Human Body, Ancient Rome, and Vikings.  During math, Izzy is always stepping up to try out various strategies and is eager to explain them to the class.  His determination makes him an astonishing student who deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments."


    Amari Farmer, Erie High School, 9th grade (not pictured)

    "Amari hasn't had a behavior referral since the first quarter. Amari has adjusted to high school and is doing very well."


    Jahiem Hooks, Eagle's Nest Program of Academic Distinction, 5th grade (not pictured)

    "Aside from being a respectable young man, Mr. Hooks had perfect attendance for the entire second quarter. In addition to his excellence in attendance, Mr. hooks has made significant improvements in both reading and math. I am extremely proud of him, and he is well deserving of this recognition."


    Antonio Torres, Patrick J. DiPaolo Student Success Center at Emerson-Gridley, 11th grade (not pictured)

    "The High School Cyber teachers would like to nominate Antonio Torres for the Stairclimber award. We believe that Antonio deserves this award for his outstanding persistence in attending extra help open labs and maintaining attendance each week. While in the classroom, Tony is not afraid to ask for help when needed. Tony always has a smile on his face and continues to persevere through his courses.  We value these qualities in our cyber students because independent learning can be difficult! Tony goes above and beyond, even when working from home. If he is stuck on a task, Tony will reach out by phone or zoom to get the help needed.  We are honored to nominate Antonio Torres for the Stairclimber Award! "