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    Erie's Public Schools Student Stairclimber Awards


    Erie's Public Schools strives to always celebrate the success of our students. As part of that initiative, the Stairclimber Award is presented monthly at regular School Board meetings (from October through May) to one student from each building, recognizing their tenacity, grit and perseverance toward making improvements in their ABC's -- Attendance, Behavior and Classroom Performance.

    The EPS Stairclimber Award, which stems from PA School Climate Data feedback and Strategic Plan Survey results, supports our district-wide movement of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (SWPBIS).



    Meet our April 2022 Stairclimbers!


    Photo of East Stairclimber Jaylin Burrows standing with Principal Jesse Williams and family member.

    Jaylin Burrows, East Middle School, 6th grade

    "Jaylin has made great progress in improving his behavior at East Middle School each day. Jaylin has nearly eliminated behavior referrals for quarter. Jaylin frequently has positive interactions with staff and students at East and is always demonstrating his Warrior POWER. Jaylin has been maintaining his grades and has set goals for even more improvement in Quarter 4. Great Job Jaylin!'" 


     Photo of Aaron Davis standing with family members and Principal Jeff Boam.

    Aaron Davis, Jefferson Elementary School

    "I am honored to nominate Aaron Davis for the April Stairclimber Award! Aaron is a great student. He has made a lot of progress in showing responsibilty this school year. Aaron actively engages in school-wide jobs on a weekly basis, and has taken initiative to join the Safety Patrol program. He is respectful to his teachers and peers, and goes out of his way to ensure that his classmates are being treated kindly and fairly. Aaron has shown improvement in his math and reading skills this year and has excelled socially as well. No matter how challenging a task may be, he works hard, never gives up, and completes the task with a smile on his face. He enjoys making others happy and laugh, and is a joy to have in our classroom at Jefferson. I am lucky to be Aaron's teacher this school year!"


     Photo of Erryn Donovan and family member.

    Erryn Donovan, Strong Vincent Middle School, 8th grade 

    "Abraham Lincoln once said, "KINDNESS is the only service that will stand the storm of life and not wash out. It will wear well and be remembered long after a person has left us." Erryn Donovan is known for many things around Strong Vincent - - his academic tenacity, his infectious humor, his sense of spirit - - BUT - - - it is his true and unwaivering KINDNESS that made him a unanimous selection for this month's STAIRCLIMBER. Erryn understands what it means to put others above himself and he makes us all want to DO BETTER each and every day. With courage, he conquers."


     Photo of Luna Edwards, family members, and Assistant Principal Jeff Yonkers

    Luna Edwards, Harding Elementary School, Kindergarten

    "Luna has come a long way this year academically. She works hard and never complains. She has a positive message every day for everyone. She helps everyone in the classroom. She follows all PBS expectations at Harding. Luna is honest and thoughtful and the kindest child I have ever had the opportunity to teach."


     Photo of Gabriel Flores, family members, and Assistant Principal Dr. Eric Sandberg.

    Gabriel Flores, Erie's Public Schools Cyber Choice Academy (Patrick J. DiPaolo Student Success Center), 12th grade

    "Gabriel Flores' story is one that should be a motivation to all Erie Cyber Academy students. Every week, Erie Cyber Academy students are expected to complete 25 hours and 100 activities on the Edgenuity platform. Gabriel's 2021-22 school year was off to a rocky start, as he logged just 28 hours in September and October combined. He picked up the pace in November and December, coming close to reaching the district's hour and activity goals each week. Over the last few months, Gabriel's pace has been inspiring. During a six-week span of Jan. 23 to March 5, Gabriel averaged 52 hours and 250 activities per week. He totaled a whopping 68 hours and 400 activities one week, including one day when he finished 165 activities. If he keeps up this pace, Gabriel will complete his final courses to graduate before May. While his school year was off to a precarious beginning, Gabriel's tenacity is why he has earned this month's Stairclimber Award."


    Photo of Kayden Gomez, family, and Grover Cleveland administration and faculty members.

    Kayden Gomez, Grover Cleveland Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "Kayden has been nominated for his hard work and dedication to learning. He has shown great work ethic and excitement in our classroom. Kayden has worked hard on practicing his reading and writing. He is always kind to those around him and is a great example of what perseverance looks like. He has inspired others around him to try their best always.  Kayden has made these improvement over the course of the last two months. He went from being an office visitor to an office ambassador. He is proud of his hard work and loves to show off by reading a whole book to his peers. Kayden's hard work and dedication have earned him this recognition we are all very proud of him."


    DeMarcus House standing with family and Edison faculty.

    DeMarcus House, Edison Elementary School, Kindergarten

    "DeMarcus House has made tremendous progress in his classroom behavior, comes to school with a smile on his face and is becoming a great role model for his peers! His desire to help others is simply amazing. DeMarcus is spunky, outgoing, and SO full of life! Congratulations, DeMarcus!"



    Photo of Qwaniece Jones, family members, and Diel Principal Tim Sabol.

    Qwaniece Jones, Diehl Elementary School, 4th grade

    "Qwaniece is a student who consistently is respectful, responsible, and safe everyday at school. Qwanience always models good behavior and sets a great example for the other students. She is diligent with her Amplify and IReady time and completes all of her classroom assignments and homework. This hard work has led to Qwanice demonstrating “Well above average growth” in reading and increasing her iReady math score by over 20 points! Qwaniece is kind to her classmates and is always willing to help her classmates and teachers. She is a great role model for younger students and is truly deserving of the Stairclimber award. Way to go, Qwaniece, you make Diehl proud!"


    Photo of Jaurae Miller, family members, and Principal C.J. Huffman.

    Jaurae Miller, Lincoln Elementary School, 1st grade

    "Jaurae has worked very hard this year to improve her reading skills. When she is in small groups she is focused and is always paying attention.  Her attitude has changed from someone who was afraid to answer incorrectly to someone who shared her thinking regularly. Her attitude this year proves that with hard work great things are possible."


    Photo of Mahdesa Mohammadi, family members, and Principal Jason Burgert.

    Mahdesa Mohammadi, Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Mahdesa came to us new to the country in January. She has made such tremendous progress since she has been here, and in only 3 months! When she came, she spoke little English.  She is reading now! She is making such great progress academically. Not only that, but she has also become my classroom interpreter! She is quick to help whenever she can and is one of the kindest students in the class. I am so proud of her and all she is accomplishing."


    Photo of Qaisrahman Razaqi, family members, and McKinley staff.

    Qaisrahman Razaqi, McKinley Elementary School, 2nd grade

    "Qaisrahman Razaqi came to McKinley in December from Afghanistan not knowing any English at all.  In the past few months, he has transformed into a true leader in 2nd grade. Qais comes to school each day ready to learn with a smile on his face. If he does not understand something, he asks questions and he perseveres. He has made leaps and bounds with his language and social skills. He follows all of the McKinley expectations of being respectful, responsible, safe, and prepared. Qais works so hard on his academics and is extremely eager to learn. He loves math, he picked up on addition and subtraction within days! He is now helping other students in the classroom. We are very proud of Qaisraham’s success this school year!  "


    Photo of Brandon White, family members, and JoAnna Connell Principal Rob Causgrove.

    Brandon White, JoAnna Connell Elementary School, 3rd grade

    "JoAnna Connell Elementary has had the privilege of working with Brandon White for the last four years.  Brandon exemplifies what it means to be your best self.  Brandon exceeds behavioral expectations within the classroom and beyond.  He leads by example.  He consistently makes choices that demonstrate his confidence and strength by doing what is right. Although Brandon faces challenges with his disability, he fights through it with his enthusiasm and motivation to learn and succeed. Brandon breaks down the barrier of what can be accomplished when you truly believe all things are possible. The world is a better place because Brandon White is in it."


    Eliza Campbell, Erie High School, 9th grade (not pictured)

    "Eliza has improved attendance and behavior greatly. She is attending all classes and behavior is improving."


    Jacquon Hooks, Eagle's Nest Program of Academic Distinction, 7th grade (not pictured)

    "Jaquan has shown improvement in both grades and behavior. He's shown signs of maturity and does not need to be redirected as often. He has shown growth in all areas and we are very proud of him."


    Lavariana Hunter, Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, 11th grade (not pictured)

    "Lavariana has a 97% average in College Algebra/Trig and she is willing to help her classmates that are struggling with some of the concepts. She has been very cooperative and is making a difference in the classroom for several of the students. She represents everything that Collegiate Academy stands for in our community.


    Jesse Lazar, Perry Elementary School, 2nd grade (not pictured)

    "Jesse has shown great improvements this year in terms responsibility and maturity.  When given an assignment, Jesse shows initiative by getting to work quickly and often gets all of the answers correct! He is kind to others and loves to play and move. Jesse has become a good teammate and is able to take turns and can win a game without making others feel bad. Jesse is such a positive influence on my class and is a good role model for others."


    Faza Naser, Wilson Middle School, 8th grade (not pictured)

    "Faza has continually improved her grades since the beginning of the school year and continually demostrates the 3 B's of being safe, being respectful, and being responsible. She is a pleasure to have to in class."