• Academic Decathlon
    1 Credit
    Grades 10, 11, 12
    This class is for students who have a love of reading and competition. It prepares students for competition at the local level through Pennsylvania Academic Decathlon Western Region Scrimmage League and at the regional and state level through the United States Academic Decathlon (USAD). The course is a compilation of ten areas important to college-bound high school students: Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Art, Music, Speech — prepared and impromptu — Interview, and Essay. Students are divided into three levels: Honors (QPA 3.75 and above), Scholastic (3.0 to 3.74) and Varsity (below 3.0). These divisions allow students to compete with other students of similar ability. Although the same ten areas are studied every year, the specific material within the ten subjects varies. The science may be biology, chemistry, or physics; the social studies may be a specific time period or a specific geographical area; the language and literature may include a novel, play, and/or poetry; and the fine arts areas may focus on a specific period or genre.