• Advanced Placement Music Theory
    1 Credit
    Grades 10, 11, 12
    This college-level course provides instruction in advanced music theory skills and music composition. It prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Music Theory examination. The course begins with a review of the material covered in the Music Theory course and moves into more complex skills including advanced analysis, four-part writing, secondary dominants and modulations. Aural skills continue to be developed by using more-advanced levels of melodic and harmonic dictation in the classroom. In addition to classroom instruction, students continue to work with numerous online aural skills resources. Also included are sight-singing examples. Students who successfully pass the AP exam may be rewarded college credit and/or be equipped to test out of level 1 college music theory. In addition, each student composes an original work at the end of the year for presentation to the class.
    Prerequisites: Music Theory. Must be able to read music and match pitch. Previous study of an instrument or voice. Recommendation of music teacher. Sight-singing is an integral part of this class. All students will be required to sing. *Students with a strong background in music literacy who are interested in going directly into AP Music Theory must pass a written pretest and an aural skills test.