• American Government 
    1 Credit
    Grade 12
    This course is designed to provide the student with a practical, working knowledge of American government and economics. During the first semester of the school year, this course will provide the student with a basic understanding of the history, structures, and functions of the American system of government. In particular we will look at our founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution), government at the national level, and government at the state and local level, and how each impacts our lives on a daily basis. During the first semester we will also focus on the current events that effect our lives at the local, state, and national levels of government.
    In the second semester, we will concentrate our study on basic economics with a focus on financial literacy. To achieve this, students will participate in both the H&R Block Budget Challenge and Stock Market Game simulations, where they will be presented with real life economic problems to solve and learn about everything they will need as they enter the adult world, from budgeting to taxes and investing, and everything in between. Essentially, we are going to concentrate on economic decision making skills that you need to have as an adult that will help you build wealth over time and allow you to enjoy a healthy financial life. We will also include some instruction in basic economic principles that you will likely be required to study as a post-secondary (college) student as well.