• American Government and Economics
    1 Credit
    Grade 12
    This course examines theory and the practical applications of government and economics. The first semester analyzes the role of government and the importance of civic responsibility. It includes a broad overview of the basic principles on which country was founded; how those principles are reflected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; and the role of the federal, state, and local governments. The course then shifts to practical applications, including the views of both major and minor political parties, the role of the media, and civic responsibilities. The second semester examines the basic principles of economic and helps seniors focus on financial independence. Students learn about economic basics: scarcity, supply and demand, pricing, and elasticity. Macroeconomics topics including GDP, interest rates, unemployment, inflation and taxes will provide students with an understanding of how the national economy affects their lives. Students also learn about planning for a career, personal finance and investing, budgeting, credit and consumer protection. This course consists heavily of group projects, cooperative learning, outside research, public speaking and teacher directed in-class activities.