• Advanced Placement European History
    1 Credit
    Grades 11, 12
    What big problems do we face in this world and how can we help? How do we distinguish between fact and opinion in learning about these issues? These and many other questions are explored in Advanced Placement European History. Students acquire and hone skills of vital importance to succeed in college and in life, and will also learn about important pieces of the past. Every person should be equal. Every society is deserving of respect. Furthermore, we should be familiar with the broad outline of all human development and understand the basic beliefs of all large cultures. But Europe has a special place in the creation of the modern, technological society in which we live. Our language and our laws derive directly from the European experience. Philosophy, art, literature, economic theory, etc. are all part of this inheritance. The modern research university, and modern mathematics and science come from Europe. If you wish to understand the good and the bad of American society you must first learn about Europe.