• Hip Hop Dance
    .5 Credits
    Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    The course is designed for the novice dancer with no previous dance experience, or an experienced dancer looking for a fun, new experience in dance. Class is structured like a traditional Hip Hop dance class with a warm-up, center combinations, group choreography, and improvisation/freestyle. Students learn and develop basic rhythmic skills and weight shifts to enhance learning and the performance of Hip Hop, such as body isolations, drops, body bounce, up-rocking, house dancing and popular street dances, and elements of breakdancing. We view dance on video to further enhance our process, to expose students to dance on a global perspective and to increase our knowledge of this unique, rich and vibrant culture. Students also participate in school performances. Scheduling preferences will be given to upperclassmen when necessary.

    Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in, or completion of, Wellness/Fitness I.